Firm's presentation

Cabinet DEBAY IP  is a consulting firm specializing in intellectual property (IP: patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights and contracts), medium-sized and based in the Paris suburbs, with several branches in various regions.

The company strives to provide its customers with strong IP rights, enforceable by keeping them away as much as possible unnecessary and costly litigation and helping to determine the best strategies. These are two main objectives of the company, achieved by fully qualified experts.

Our experts offer clear and practical advice to be office advises and assists companies in all areas of Intellectual Property, in particular concerning the drafting of patent applications, deposits and procedures for obtaining patents French, and European foreign prior art searches, oppositions of patents issued to third parties, but also the trademark watches, deposits and renewals of trademarks, trademark opposition, or deposits and renewals of designs, protection software, protections integrated circuits, editorial contracts relating to Industrial Property. Our firm also provides, assistance in case of litigation, proceedings for infringement and unfair competition, as well as consultations and audits in the field of Industrial Property.

Our firm prepares between 100 and 140 patents per year, on behalf of a plurality of clients nationwide and internationally.

DEBAY IP can effectively help clients identify entirely intellectual property strategies, including protection of intellectual property throughout the world using both IPOs European and international protection, but particularly through strong relationships with other lawyers in intellectual property throughout the world.

DEBAY IP can also advise you on issues such as copyright, protection of domain names, trade secrets, deposition models, drafting agreements and intellectual property protection of software or circuits integrated. It can also be undertaken for other related matters such as licensing, infringement, passing off, the monitoring and enforcement of IP rights in tailored to client objectives.


Cabinet DEBAY IP, founded in 1984 by Yves DEBAY has a long and successful history of assisting many clients on topics such as research PI, availability and registration of IP rights with French and European offices , WIPO (Geneva) and worldwide through a network of qualified and selected for their skills.

Yves DEBAY had a first degree in engineering …. Then in a second … and then made …

Yves began his career in intellectual property in the early 70s as an examiner of patents at the European Patent Office, which had opened its doors to the Netherlands.

He then returned to France to work as an engineer patents in various industrial enterprises specialized in mechanics and electronics.

    • In 1984, he founded the Cabinet DEBAY parallel activity in one of these companies, then finally left the industry to focus on developing the Cabinet.
    • In 1994 first engineer, then 2, etc.
    • In 1993, the firm opened its office in the central region. By the 2000s, he also shone Aube, Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie.
    • In 2003 Damien DEBAY joined the firm leaving the CNRS where he prepared a PhD in Neuroscience, devoted to the study of neural networks techniques by combining biology to physics and computer. He then trained in industrial property and technical areas that were not affected by his thesis, to join the practice team and participate in its development.
    • In 2009 the antenna in the PACA region was opened with the help of Valerie PIROTTE, a lawyer with the firm since 2001 and was then moved to Marseille.
    • In 2011, antennas Picardy and Champagne-Ardenne, embodying past efforts, was added antenna Normandy.
    • Today, the firm DEBAY IP covers six French regions and it provides useful advice to the case and the consolidation of R & D, as well as the protection of know-how and business innovations.

The experience of Yves DEBAY, acquired in over 38 years, covers a wide range of different technical fields, including automatic control of manufacturing PLC, combustion engines, electric motors, hydraulic systems, PLCs systems, data processing (computer, computer system small and medium size), telecommunications (GSM cell phones), television (decoder), MPEG), smart cards, contactors, relay, switches , magnetic recording, in particular printers, magnetic inkjet systems controlled by tokens or coins, software patents.

An international experience in the industry, has allowed him to successfully drive process and litigation for high technology projects with high economic potential.

In the field of smart cards, he successfully led the negotiations with the Japanese electronics industry and American litigation in France and Germany.


For several years we follow stringent quality policy to retain clients. We are committed to provide a rapid response to your requests and reliability of our work.

Cabinet DEBAY is adaptable and eager to respond to the needs of its customers.

We propose, where necessary, procedures for cooperation adapted to the operation of our clients, in order to relieve the most time-consuming procedures.

We make it a point of honor to respect and high ethical standards that our customers are satisfied with our services. The services we offer are provided by detailed numerical estimate, usually accompanied by strategic explanations, so that our customers can decide, with full knowledge of the facts, what actions they can ask us to undertake.