Technical sector

Debay firm covers a wide variety of technical fields, thanks to the adaptability and its multidisciplinary experts.

We recruit engineers and scientists here based on their scientific knowledge and skills, but also by requiring adaptation capacity and multidisciplinarity. We demand and maintain in our engineers will acquire technical knowledge in various fields, in order to preserve their critical thinking and develop their scientific insight.

Our engineers and experts are thus highly specialized but can advise clients in areas that are not always as limited as are the specialized studies. Indeed, the objective vision provided by a critical and sharp with a fresh eye on innovation generally allows to define more precisely and largely an invention. Thus, the patent application resulting from this critical and objective analysis is more likely to be clear and robust, especially due to the fact that it can be examined by judges who are primarily lawyers. In addition, highly specialized inventors benefit from this new eye judiciously to further define their invention, while possibly allowing not only limited to the goals or areas for which it was originally designed.