Legal field

The Cabinet is composed of experts Debay trademark.
His story is successful bids made ​​clear and practical advice to many clients for research, accreditation and registration of trademarks in France, the Trademark Office of the European Community, WIPO (Geneva) and worldwide through a network of foreign law firms.

The firm strives to provide its customers with patent rights and trade ties and binding for lower costs, keeping them away as far as possible to avoid unnecessary litigation and costly. The firm helps effectively determine all brands strategies for clients, including global brand protection using both the mark of the European Community that the international protection through the Madrid Protocol.

The firm offers clear and practical guidance in other areas related to trademarks, such as the operating license, forgery, deception commercial brand monitoring and use. Our firm is adaptable, uses the latest available technologies and advise on matters such as contracts and agreements, copyright (or copyright), protection of domain names and their relationship with the brand protection, counterfeiting brand on the Internet.